Vitak-Elsnic Tribute Band - Made in Ohio

All Instrumental Classic Music with the Vitak-Elsnic Tribute Band!

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This CD album is dedicated to the creative musical and business genius of Louis Vitak, a Bohemian immigrant who came to Ohio in 1881, and his nephew Joe Elsnic. Together, they formed the Vitak-Elsnic Company in Chicago, which by the end of the 1920s had become America’s premier publisher of music in the polka genre. Vitak and Elsnic not only published but also composed or arranged many of the thousands of selections sold by the company.

Over the years, many great musicians and bands have interpreted Vitak-Elsnic arrangements in their own style. But seldom do you hear Vitak-Elsnic arrangements played as they were originally written. Until now, that is. All the songs on this CD album are played in the Vitak-Elsnic style: lots of brass – especially tuba – and accordion, with piano and drum rounding out the sound. Most of the selections come from original Vitak-Elsnic arrangements. Two traditional songs not published by Vitak-Elsnic were arranged for this CD album to achieve that same sound. Ernie Broeniman and Kent Harris with their respective arrangements of Forever and Ever Waltz and Praha Polka.

The core members of the band were born and raised in northwest Ohio and grew up surrounded by these sounds from their own family bands.

You’ll love the interplay of melodies, harmonies, and countermelodies in these songs and, if you allow yourself, you might even swear you hear Louis Vitak on the accordion or Joe Elsnic playing along on the tuba.

Check out this CD today! All Instrumental Classic Music throughout this CD album.

Tracks include:

01. Schneider Polka
02. Red Head Polka
03. Forever and Ever Waltz
04. Springtime Polka
05. Praha Polka
06. Prune Song Waltz
07. Our Mike Polka
08. Mariechen Waltz
09. Rain Rain Polka
10. Harvest Time Schottische
11. Helena Polka
12. Chicago Waltz
13. Red Raven Polka
14. Isabella Waltz
15. Hopeless Polka
16. Blue Skirt Waltz

Artist: Vitak-Elsnic Tribute Band

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