Vyhlidal - Are You Ready For Some More?

Czech style from Upper Midwest USA

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Mark Vyhlidal started performing at a very young age. He can play several instruments and sings with ease. In addition he has composed many songs. The Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra has a peppy sound with a unique punch applied to the Czech American sound of the Upper Midwest USA! Check out the Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra!


Track listing:


1. Long Live The Music Polka
2. Danny's Laendler
3. Lonely Girl Polka
4. Mayfair Polka
5. Missing You Waltz
6. Warm-Up Polka
7. Moonbeams Clear Waltz
8. Hey Ho! Polka
9. Rosa Jean Polka
10. In The Woods Waltz
11. Ja Mam Holku z Monopolu Polka
12. Cecilia Polka
13. Treban Meadow Waltz
14. Don't Cry Polka
15. Old Accordion Man Waltz
16. Until We Meet Again Polka

Artist: Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra