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Western Senators with Walter Ostanek and Klancnik & Friends - PolkaRama!  Season 5 (4 DVDs)

Fantastic Polkas on this 4 DVD set with Walter Ostanek, Klancnik & Friends, and the Western Senators!

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Product Description        

Brian Sklar and the Western Senators present Season 5 of PolkaRama! with all twelve shows in one complete package on four DVDs. This season was shot in higher definition, with new and improved sound quality and features Saskatchewan's Grammy® nominated Polka Band, the Western Senators and Canada's three-time Grammy®-winning polka king, Walter Ostanek, plus Klancnik and Friends from the United States.

Eddie Klancnik and Friends were a big hit on the polka weekend and people are very impressed with their guest spots on PolkaRama.

6 hours of music on 4 DVDs in this box set. This box set of DVDs contains over 90 songs performed Live-In-Person!

Song Tracks:

Show 1:

Beer Barrel Polka
Strawberries Raspberries Polka
Helvak's Waltz
Pop 'N John's Polka
Under Your Spell
Urpee's Polka
Terezinka Polka
Pyramid Polka

Show 2:

Tic Toc Polka
Across the Plains Polka
Daj Daj Waltz
A Cleveland Polka
Farewell Party
Kramer's Polka
Bye Bye My Baby Polka
Snow Waltz

Show 3:

Hi Li Hi Lo Polka
Sersen's Polka
Yellow Bird
Roseanne Polka
Sensuous Woman
Lou's Polka
Four Fellas Polka
In The Valley Waltz

Show 4:

Red Raven Polka
Castle Rock Polka
Please Give Me Back My Heart
Bob Wills Medley
Old Oklahoma Waltz
You're My Something Polka
Marichka Moya

Show 5:

Baby Doll Polka
Three Mountains Polka
La Golondrina Waltz
Face To The Wall
My Way
I Saw A Rainbow Polka
Mary Jo Waltz
Cherry Polka

Show 6:

Barbara Polka
Hello, Hello, Hello Polka
Above And Beyond
Good Time Polka
Magic Land Waltz
Life In The Finland Woods
You Told Me Once You Loved Me Polka

Show 7:

Let's Have A Party Polka
Helen Polka
Faded Love
Another Bridge To Burn
Good Time Polka
Rolling Rock Polka
Mary Jo Waltz
The Cleveland Polka

Show 8:

Three Yanks Polka
Valley Spring Polka
Cheer Up Sweetheart Waltz
Cajun Fiddle/Toomary Toomarai
Duluth Polka
Green Valley Waltz
Hello, Hello, Hello Polka
Cherry Polka
Euclid Vets Polka

Show 9:

Mis-Tre Polka
Cracker Jack Polka
Westphalia Waltz
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Euclid Vets Polka
Strawberry Hill Polka
I Knew From The Start Polka

Show 10:

Pony Tail Polka
Big Bang Polka
On The Bridge Waltz
Mama Tried
I Saw A Rainbow Polka
Waltz Of Love
Everywhere You Go Polka
Highways Are Happy Ways Polka

Show 11:

Gornik's Polka
Isle Of Capri Polka
La Planitza Waltz
I'll Be There
Four R's Polka
Connie's Waltz
Laendler #2
Pittsburgh Polka

Show 12:

Just Because Polka
Strawberry Hill Polka
Black Velvet Waltz
Old Oklahoma Waltz
Euclid Vets Polka
Corby's Polka
Farewell Party
I Wanna Call You Sweetheart Polka

Artist: Walter Ostanek & The Western Senators and Klancnik & Friends