Bashell - Old Milwaukee

Classic Music from Milwaukee with Louie Bashell!

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Louie Bashell is well known for his music! Direct from Milwaukee, WI comes Louie Bashell playing fantastic polkas. Don’t pass this CD with the great Louie Bashell!

Track Listing:

1. Clap Dance
2. Cathy and Clancey
3. Tippy Tup
4. Dew Drop Waltz
5. Don’t Take Me Home
6. Dream of Heaven Waltz
7. Louie Rag
8. Linda Polka
9. Nine O’Clock Polka
10. Oh How I Miss You Tonight
11. Over the Hill Polka
12. Senorita Polka
13. Silk Umbrella Polka
14. Give Back My Heart
15. Sweetheart Mine
16. Dance Around the Floor with Me
17. 77 Polka
18. Arizona Honeymoon Waltz
19. What Good are the Plans Polka
Artist: Louie Bashell

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