Choice with Randy Krajewski - Choice Cuts

Polish American Push Style Polkas with super talented Randy Krajewski and Choice!

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Randy Krajewski and Choice present their CD “Choice Cuts”. Randy Krajewski composed many songs for this CD and has been performing polkas for decades in the Toledo, OH area. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Pod Nogi
2. Driving Miss Honky
3. Szkoda Baby
4. Ukochane Moje
5. Squeezebox Frenzy
6. Here They Come
7. Goin' to a Polka Dance
8. Laugh and Cry
9. She Wrote the Book
10. Don't Push Me
11. LaGrange Shuffle
12. It's Polka Party Time
13. Singin' It Out
14. Vito's Silver Wedding
15. Siano Siano
16. Where Are You Going
17. The Czarnina Kid
18. Marianne
Artist: Randy Krajewski and Choice