Gazda - Summer Sessions - The Second Trilogy Tribute to Bernie Witkowski

Rick Gazda playing a tribute to International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Bernie Witkowski!

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Rick Gazda is an outstanding musician from Philadelphia playing a tribute to the great music of Bernie Witkowski. We at are very happy that Rick’s father reminded him to pick up the clarinet again. Rick Gazda plays trumpet as a professional performer as well as clarinet. Don’t miss all of Rick Gazda’s music at !


Track Listing:


1. Papuga Polka
2. Sophie Polka
3. Grandma's Polka
4. West Point Oberek
5. Time Square Polka
6. Alice Polka
7. Cheescake Polka
8. Lively City Polka
9. Beer Party Polka
10. Mazur Do Miechowa
11. Stasia Polka
12. Teenagers Polka
13. Cat's Pajamas Polka
14. New York City Oberek
15. Sweetheart Polka
16. Chocolate Polka
17. Nightingale Polka
18. Podkowedczki Dajcie Ognia Mazur
19. Jaywalkers Polka
20. Laughing Polka
21. Beauty Contest Polka
22. My Girlfriend Jenny Oberek
23. Automobile Polka
24. The ""78"" Record Polka

Artist: Rick Gazda