Goetsch - Our Anniversary Album - 30 Years of Polkas and Waltzes Plus Memories

Classic Music with International Polka Music Hall of FameĀ® Jerry Goetsch from Wisconsin!

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Jerry Goetsch and His Orchestra perform Classic Music from Wisconsin. Jerry Goetsch is well known in Northern Wisconsin for his American Bohemian Style. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Green Garden Polka
2. Little Tavern Waltz
3. The Red Nose Polka
4. Of Olden Days Waltz
5. When I Get Married Polka
6. Snow Waltz
7. Joe's Dance Hall Polka
8. Under the Pear Tree Waltz
9. Fickle Annie Polka
10. After the Evening Waltz
11. Arise My Darling Polka
12. Prune Song Waltz
13. What Have I Polka
14. Bea Mae Waltz
15. Jane Polka
16. My Rose Waltz
17. Bunion Buster Polka
18. When I Sleep Waltz
Artist: Jerry Goetsch and His Orchestra

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