Honky Heaven

Honky Heaven is a CD recorded Live-In-Person with Several Artists!

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Honky Heaven was recorded Live-In-Person at Kuzman's Lounge, Girard, Ohio - April 13, 2013. This CD features several artists, celebrities, and DJs including: Marty Dzik, Andy Fenus, Steve Fenus, Stas Golonka, Bernie Gorak, Sr., Barb Haselow, Major Mel Himes, Jimmy Kilian, Randy Koslosky, Jimmy Krzeszewski, Eddie Madura, Lil John Nalevanko, Joe Oberaitis, Kenny Olowin, Ed Ostry, Bobby Piven, Keith Stras, Judy Stringhill, Charlie Tansek, Larry and Diana Walk, Matt and Vi Wasielewski, Rich Zebrowski, plus more. Check out this CD today remembering the sounds of Li'l Wally Jagiello, Casey Homel, Casey Siewierski, Stas Bulanda, and Eddie Blazonczyk, Sr.!

Track Listing:

1. Honky Heaven Polka
2. Marek's Polka
3. Green Grove Waltz
4. You're My Baby Polka
5. Stas and Mania Polka
6. Stormy Clouds Polka
7. At The Square Polka
8. Chicago Bum Oberek
9. Getting Old Polka
10. Lovesick Polka
11. Sunset Polka
12. Rock A Bye Polka
13. Here Comes My Lover Polka
14. Hello Stas Polka
15. Painters Polka
16. All The Girls Polka
17. Hanusia Polka
18. She Likes Kielbasa Polka
19. My Shoes Keep Walking Back Polka
20. Waiting For My Lover Waltz
21. My Baby Doll Polka
22. Pod Krakowem Polka
23. Searching Girl Polka
Artist: Various Artists