Jirikovec - A Tribute To The Greats

Mark Jirikovec plays classic Bohemian Style Polkas from Wisconsin!

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Mark Jirikovec performs in the popular Classic Bohemian Style of Northern Northeast Wisconsin. Check out the music on this CD with Mark Jirikovec.

Track Listing:

1. Morning Greetings Polka
2. Jim’s Polka
3. Spaceship Laendler
4. Roger’s Polka
5. Beautiful Blanche Polka
6. Laendler #11
7. Decca Joe Polka
8. When I Hear Clarinets Polka
9. On the Balcony Waltz
10. Unknown Girl Polka
11. Flirting Girl Waltz
12. A Night Off Polka
13. At the First Dance Polka
14. Musical Polka

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