Kravos and Lukitsch - Just Havin' Fun

Cleveland Style Polkas

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Track listing:


1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. I Saw a Rainbow Polka
3. Blond Sailer Waltz
4. Sele's Polka
5. Glass Slipper Polka
6. Va Va Va Voom Polka
7. It's Polka Music Polka
8. You Are My One True Love Waltz
9. Jelly Doughnuts Polka
10. Two Timin' You Polka
11. Austrian Homeland Waltz
12. Your Lips Tell Me No No
13. My Chalet Waltz
14. Little Johnny's Polka
15. Sparky's Polka

Artist: Bob Kravos and the Boys in the Band & Karl Lukitsch