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Meisner, Verne - Verne Meisner's 50th Birthday:  Music Anthology Volume 1 and 2 - 2 DVD Box Set

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Verne Meisner - 2 DVD Box Set!

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International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Verne Meisner traveled the Upper Midwest and beyond playing polka music for decades. He is imitated by many and was a favorite. His son Steve Meisner would often be part of the show. Don’t pass this Verne Meisner 2 DVD Box set today!

This is a 2 DVD Box Set with Verne Meisner!

Track listing:

Volume 1
1. Sneaky Pete Polka
2. Pretty Polly Polka
3. Memories of Vienna
4. Saturday Night Waltz
5. Starlight Waltz
6. 400 Polka
7. Lake City Polka
8. Snowflake Waltz
9. Gronick's Polka
10. Old Accordion Waltz
11. Snow Deer Polka
12. Doreen Waltz
13. The Strauss Medley
14. Mimi Polka
15. Five Points Waltz
16. Lullaby Waltz
17. The Auctioneer
18. Skirts
19. Broken Wineglass Polka
20. Somebody Loves You

Volume 2
1. Augie's Polka
2. Ma She's Making Eyes at Me
3. Michelle Waltz
4. Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella
5. Sugar Bush
6. Chili Pepper
7. Pigpen Polka
8. Sleepy Head Waltz
9. On the Wings of a Dove
10. Alpine Village Polka (Button Box)
11. Jump River Polka
12. Meisner Magic
13. Somebody Else is Taking My Place
14. European Waltz
15. Bohemian Laendler
16. El Rio Drive
17. Let's Have a Party
Artist: Verne Meisner

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