Pecon-Trebar - In Charge!

Cleveland Style Polkas Recorded Live-In-Person with Johnny Pecon and Lou Trebar

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Johnny Pecon and Lou Trebar recorded Live-In-Person. 32 Classic tracks on this CD entitled “In Charge!”. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Bobbie’s Polka
2. Big Bang Polka
3. Convention Polka
4. Sondra Polka
5. You’re All I Ask For
6. Incline Polka
7. Tino’s Polka
8. Tuscan Medley
9. Strabane Polka
10. Old Timers Polka
11. Go Man Go
12. Terezinka
13. Kiss Waltz
14. Lover’s Polka
15. San Francisco
16. Zip Polka
17. Brown’s Polka
18. Yoo-Hoo Waltz
19. Silk Umbrella Polka
20. Country House Polka
21. Easter Parade
22. Pocahontas Polka
23. Hootenanny Polka
24. Snowflake Polka
25. That Is Why
26. Old Box Polka
27. City Hall Polka
28. Sweet Polka Dot
29. Hofbrau Waltz
30. June Night Polka
31. Number One Polka
32. Tony’s Polka Party

Artist: Johnny Pecon and Lou Trebar

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