Pecon-Trebar - Second to None

Members of the International Polka Music Hall of Fame®, Cleveland Style Polkas Live

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Track listing:


Cookin’ With Polka Chops
1. Donnie Polka
2. Happy Yodler
3. Pork Chops
4. Red Lips and Red Wine


The St. Clair Philharmonic
5. Over the Waves
6. Wine, Women and Song
7. On the Beautiful Blue Danube


Just What the Doc Ordered
8. California Polka
9. Olden Days Polka
10. Little Johnny Polka


In The Stardust Ballroom
11. Medley: “Everybody Loves Somebody”, “Stardust”
12. Games That Lovers Play
13. Wiederseh’n


The Way You Remember Them
14. Jeffrey’s Polka
15. The Rooster Song
16. Blacksmith Polka


Second to None
17. Jolly Fellows
18. Kathy’s Waltz
19. Peggy’s Waltz


“Play the Vooden Vuns”
20. Top of the Hill Polka
21. Church’s Chant


Vintage Cleveland
22. Little Café Waltz
23. On The Bridge Waltz
24. Darlene Waltz


Two Minute Drill
25. Spanish Eyes
26. Pecon Polka

Artist: Johnny Pecon & Lou Trebar

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