Zdrazil - Music for All Seasons and Thank You for Waiting

Louie Zdrazil plays classic Bohemian Style Polkas from Wisconsin!

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Louie Zdrazil performs in the popular Classic Bohemian Style of Northeast Wisconsin. Check out the music on this CD with Louie Zdrazil.

Track Listing:

1. Be Nice to Me Polka
2. In Paradise Waltz
3. Bohemian Blond Polka
4. Enchanted Woods Waltz
5. The Doll Polka
6. Hillside Waltz
7. If I were a Bird Polka
8. Orphan Waltz
9. Go to Sleep My Children
10. Stone Heart Waltz
11. Green Birch Polka
12. Saddle Horse Polka
13. Get to Know Antigo Polka
14. Jack's Waltz
15. North Star Polka
16. Corkey's Laendler
17. Peppy's Polka
18. Black Gypsy Waltz
19. Joe and Dave's Polka
20. Bene's Park Waltz
21. Town Band Polka
22. Thoughts of My Homeland Waltz
23. Deir Doris Polka
24. Sail My Boat Waltz
Artist: Louie Zdrazil

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